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Steeline Railings: Wholesale Crowd Control Barricades

Square Stacking Barriers

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frames with Replaceable Bases
  • Easier to Move and Store
  • Stacks square in both directions


Steel stacking barriers can be transported without the time consuming task of lining up all hooks on the same side

Wider Base = Better Stability

Our bolt-on replaceable bases provide greater value, life-span than knock-offs with spot-welded bases (which are subject to crackingand rusting)


Wholesale Stacking Barricades with Steel Frames
Standard Barriers Square-Stacking Barriers Bolt on Replacable Bases Hooking System Hot Dip Galvanizing
Standard Barriers
Square Stacking Barriers
Replacement Bases
Hooking System
Hot Dip Galvanizing

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