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Replacement Bases for Steel Barriers

When a barrier’s base is damaged, bolt-on replaceable bases enable you to easily and economically put that barrier back to work. Bases are made of heavy-duty, 16 gauge, 1.5” O.D. steel, and are hot dip galvanized.

The most common base styles on the barriers in our warehouse are bridge bases and flat bases

Traditional Bridge Base

  • The most popular base style since steel barriers were invented
  • Designed so that each individual barrier has one large base and one small base, allowing all four points of the base to dig in to the ground
  • Bridge bases accommodate placement of barriers in both a straight line and at various angles

Flat Bases

  • Ideal for circumstances when crowds will be walking parallel to barriers
  • With rubber inserts, they can also be used indoors

Also available…

  • “U” Bases, Wheel Bases, and Inserts
Large Bridge Base
Small Bridge Base
Large Flat Base
Small Flat Base
Large U-Base
Wheel Base
Standard Barriers Square-Stacking Barriers Bolt on Replacable Bases Hooking System Hot Dip Galvanizing
Standard Barriers
Square Stacking Barriers
Replacement Bases
Hooking System
Hot Dip Galvanizing

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