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Steeline Railings: Wholesale Crowd Control Barricades

Standard Steel Barriers

Steeline will provide you with interlocking steel crowd control barriers that meet the industry standards for quality, strength, size, and compatibility

Three size options:

  • 2-meter (6.5 –ft.)
  • 2.5 meter (8 ft)
  • 1 meter (39 inches)

Standard steel barrier details

  • Height is 43 inches
  • Steel tubing of 1.5” O.D., 16 gauge
  • 16 gauge vertical uprights, inserted into frames before welding
  • Hot dip galvanized finish for best protection of steel (link)

1 meter steel barriers
2 meter steel barricades
2.5 meter crowd control barricades
Standard Barriers Square-Stacking Barriers Bolt on Replacable Bases Hooking System Hot Dip Galvanizing
Standard Barriers
Square Stacking Barriers
Replacement Bases
Hooking System
Hot Dip Galvanizing

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