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Steeline Railings: Wholesale Crowd Control Barricades

Custom Orders

We carry backup stock for custom and unique items. We are capable of producing frames in any variation (even duplicates of cheaper copies) and matching the many orphan styles sold to dealers in the past

Examples of available frame variations

  • Frames with smaller tube diameter (1 3/8, 1 ¼, even 1 inch)
  • Frames with wall thickness thinner than 16 gauge
  • Frames with smaller, thinner, or fewer uprights, welded or inserted
  • Frames with top or bottom bars at non-standard heights
  • Frames using ay kind of hooking mechanism
  • Frames with different finishes (raw steel, painted, plated, mill galvanized)
  • Frames with any kind of decorative metalwork, such as wrought iron

Customers can order these variations in small quantities at volume pricing. No need to order full containers. We continually add specials to our regular container arrivals, so that products are on-hand for fast turnarounds.

We can also produce any tubular product, from scaffolding components to bike racks.

We can typically provide you with a quote on a custom order within seven days


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